System Profile Settings screen details

You can use the System Profile Settings screen to enable specific system performance settings such as power management.

You can view the System Profile Settings screen by clicking

System Setup Main Menu System BIOS System Profile Settings


The System Profile Settings screen details are explained as follows:

Menu Item
System Profile
Sets the system profile. If you set the System Profile option to a mode other than Custom, the BIOS automatically sets the rest of the options. You can only change the rest of the options if the mode is set to Custom. By default, the System Profile option is set to Performance Per Watt Optimized (DAPC). DAPC is Dell Active Power Controller.
NOTE: The following parameters are available only when the System Profile is set to Custom.
CPU Power Management
Sets the CPU power management. By default, the CPU Power Management option is set to System DBPM (DAPC). DBPM is Demand-Based Power Management.
Memory Frequency
Sets the speed of the system memory. You can select Maximum Performance, Maximum Reliability, or a specific speed.
Turbo Boost
Enables or disables the processor to operate in turbo boost mode. By default, the Turbo Boost option is set to Enabled.
Energy Efficient Turbo
Enables or disables the Energy Efficient Turbo.

Energy Efficient Turbo (EET) is a mode of operation where a processor’s core frequency is adjusted within the turbo range based on workload.

Enables or disables the processor to switch to a minimum performance state when it is idle. By default, the C1E option is set to Enabled.
C States
Enables or disables the processor to operate in all available power states. By default, the C States option is set to Enabled.
Collaborative CPU Performance Control
Enables or disables the CPU power management. When set to Enabled, the CPU power management is controlled by the OS DBPM and the System DBPM (DAPC). By default, the option is set to Disabled.
Memory Patrol Scrub
Sets the memory patrol scrub frequency. By default, the Memory Patrol Scrub option is set to Standard.
Memory Refresh Rate
Sets the memory refresh rate to either 1x or 2x. By default, the Memory Refresh Rate option is set to 1x.
Uncore Frequency
Selects the Processor Uncore Frequency.

Dynamic mode allows the processor to optimize power resources across the cores and uncore during runtime. The optimization of the uncore frequency to either save power or optimize performance is influenced by the setting of the Energy Efficiency Policy.

Energy Efficient Policy
Selects the Energy Efficient Policy.

The CPU uses the setting to manipulate the internal behavior of the processor and determines whether to target higher performance or better power savings.

Number of Turbo Boot Enabled Cores for Processor 1

NOTE: If there are two processors installed in the system, you see an entry for Number of Turbo Boost Enabled Cores for Processor 2.
Controls the number of turbo boost enabled cores for processor 1. By default, the maximum number of cores is enabled.
Enables the Monitor/Mwait instructions in the processor. By default, the Monitor/Mwait option is set to Enabled for all system profiles, except Custom.
NOTE: This option can be disabled only if the C States option in Custom mode is disabled.

NOTE: When C States is enabled in Custom mode, changing the Monitor/Mwait setting does not impact system power/performance.