Dell Precision Tower 5810 Memory Configuration Details and Population Guidelines
Supported Memory Types Note Regarding Memory Operating Speed

Although the platform supports a memory speed of 2133 MHz, the actual operating speed of the memory may be limited by the choice of CPU. The table below shows the CPUs which limit the memory speed to less than 2133 MHz.

Intel® Xeon® Processor
E5 v3 Family
Max Memory Speed (MHz)
E5-1603 v3 1866
E5-1607 v3 1866
E5-2603 v3 1600
E5-2609 v3 1600
E5-2620 v3 1866
E5-2623 v3 1866
E5-2630 v3 1866
E5-2640 v3 1866

Available Memory Sockets

The platform has a total of 8 memory sockets, arranged as 4 channels with 2 sockets per channel.

Figure 1: Logical Memory Socket Layout

Figure 2: Physical Memory Socket Layout

General Population Guidelines Detailed Population Instructions
Example Configurations
1 Throughout this document "MHz" is used as a common way to describe memory speed. It is used interchangeably with "MT/s" (mega-transfers per second).

2 Theoretical memory bandwidth for memory operating speed of 2133 MHz. Maximum achievable memory bandwidth is approximately 80% of theoretical. Actual measured bandwidth may be still lower due to other system constraints.